Friday, February 27, 2009

Having kids

Having kids sometimes means enjoying the fact that they help clean up after meals.

But having kids also means that they sometimes drop a glass full of water, exploding it into many, many shards of dangerous glass.

Having kids sometimes means listening to their chattering voices as they run through the house, playing, imagining, and enjoying life.

But having kids also means that they might clomp through the house heedlessly, shouting for no reason and generally making an ungodly ruckus.

Having kids means watching them test their social limits, tiptoeing away from your protective arms and out into the world.

But having kids also means wondering where did they go off to? And are they thinking? Do they have any idea how dangerous that might have been?!

Having kids means cheering them on as they learn, expand their intellect, and broaden their self awareness.

But having kids also means carving out time to supervise their homework . . . and NO, I'm not doing it for you.

Having kids means letting your girls make new friends and being happy when they invite them over to play. (Isn't it nice how well she gets along with her and shares her toys?) It's so nice to have other people for her to play with!

But having kids means . . . another birthday party?! You went to one LAST week! How many friends do you have?

Having kids is great! It is the most rewarding challenge you'll ever undertake.

But having kids is tough! It is the most challenging thing you'll ever undertake that might never be rewarded.


Two photos, taken Wednesday night at Dairy Queen. For all the stresses and problems, these faces and the personalities behind them make up for so much:


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Papa said...

Goofy thinks these girls look pretty happy. Isn't childhood wonderful?