Monday, March 03, 2008

Sadly, he did NOT have angel eyes . . .

Sorry I was slow noticing the latest Hollywood death, the unfortunate demise of guitarist Jeff Healey.

My only connection to Healey is that he played the Double Deuce guitarist in the Patrick Swayze powerhouse vehicle "Roadhouse."

Friends of mine are well aware of my unnatural obsession with this movie, so it is in respect to the cinematic arts and the basic recognition at the loss of a fellow human being that I offer condolences to the Healey family and to all who enjoyed his blue-inspired guitar stylings.

I know you join me in quaking with fear, while realizing that the murderous Tom Cruise has awakened from his annual Oscar slumber. Likely enraged that he was not nominated for any films, nor given the Irving Thalburg award for a lifetime of achievement, his blood lust was reawakened at the snubbing he received when he was not chosen for the "Roadhouse" role of Dalton the cooler that eventually won Patrick Swayze such acclaim. Since Cruse was (wisely) afraid that Swayze might attempt to rip out his larynx if he tried to murder him, the Murderous One inflicted his anger upon Healey instead.

For that we are all sorry . . . and afraid once more.

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