Thursday, March 13, 2008

LOST, episode 407: Ji Yeon



Whoa, that was unexpected.

Here I thought that Sun and Jin were the last two members of the Oceanic 6.

Now, we can only say that Sun is the FIFTH member. The final and sixth member is not yet revealed.

(And NO, I DON'T count Ben as one, since it seems clear that he can come and go from the Island as he pleases and besides, he wasn't on Flight 815.

Damon and Carlton played me well throughout, misdirecting the Flash Forwards of Sun's labor with the Flashbacks of Jin going to a completely different birth.

If I had quickly looked up the reference that Jin made to The Year of the Dragon, I would have seen that the most recent Year with that designation was in 2000. And now that I think about it, why would Jin--a Korean, be talking about the Year of the Dragon. That should have been a clue right away that his action was going on in China. Curse my ethnocentrism!

But, now we are left with the question of how does Jin die? The preview for next week seems to indicate that "Kevin Johnson"/Michael is the murderous culprit, but that is probably too easy an answer. I'm pretty sure that I saw the year 2004 on Jin gravestone, which would indicate he will be dying very soon. (Remember that two week's ago--Desmond's episode, we learned that the date was Christmas Eve 2004. So, given that, Jin's only got about a week left to live.


David said...

After sleeping on it last night I have to additions to what I wrote.

Significant (?) omission: I guess we could say that we know all of the Oceanic Six . . . IF you count Aaron. I'm not completely sold on that, however, so I hold out that we still have one more reveal in that department.

Important (?) comment: Right after Sun gave birth, I said to Lynda--"Look at that! LOST is cheerful for a change. We have a happy future for some of our survivors."

Of course, the final ten minutes of the episode crapped all over that rosy pronouncement.

David said...

One of my eagle-eyed colleagues pointed out to me right away this morning that the death date on the headstone is Sept. 22, 2004.

That's right, the original date of the crash of Flight 815.

So, Jin is not counted as a member of the Oceanic Six because he is included in Jack's fake story that only 8 people survived the original crash.

Unfortunately, this doesn't give us any guess as to when Jin will actually die. Might be in a week. Might be later. And he might not be dead at all, but living with Locke & Co. back on the Island.

(I discount this one, since I believe Sun's graveside grief to be too genuine to support this.)