Saturday, March 01, 2008

Random thoughts while watching "The Empire Strikes Back" with Sarah and Grace

1. Why didn't Luke's sensor sweep readings on Hoth detect the massive snowbeast that was only a few feet away from him in the films opening minutes?

2. Why, when Han is berating the deck officer for not verifying that Luke was still out in the bitter Hoth cold, does it shut up C3P0 to put a human hand over his "mouth hole?" Threepio doesn't use air to make sounds, so placing a hand over what is, essentially a speaker grille, should make no difference at all. Does Threepio know enough about humans to understand that this gesture means shut up a minute?

3. While watching Chewbacca wail morosely at the possible frozen plight of Luke and Han in the cold Hoth night, Grace asks "What is the monkey doing?" The idea that Grace mistook wookie for monkey, and (let's face it), Chewie does look like a monkey . . . I laughed and laughed.

4. Lynda asks a good question . . . why does the tauntaun die, which is (presumably) a native Hoth species, before frail Luke and Han die?

5. Oddly, I did not hear Hermes say "Great three-toed sloth from ice planet Hoth!"

(We might have observed more, but the girls stopped watching. I'm update with more at a later date.

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lulu said...

I think that does it. All of those movies are now ruined for me. It took little, in the end.