Monday, March 24, 2008


Three girls...are we losing ours? Nah!

And if you liked that, then check out the close up version of what Sarah calls "Maggie the Maze."

(This post brought to you by Vandelay Industries, serving the frustrated architects in all of us.)


flipper said...

So funny that you mentioned Vandelay! I just watched a Seinfeld yesterday where George evoked that "Industry," but as a manufacturer of latex, not an architectural firm. Why does this keep happening with us? Remember the Simpsons episode right before Boaz was born?

David said...

I think I messed this "Seinfeld" reference up just a bit.

I remembered that George once claimed to work for Vandelay Industries as a latex salesman, but I also knew he held secret yearnings (as many men--and women?--do) to be an architect. So, I guess I convinced myself that at some point during the series, he used Vandelay Industries to represent the architecture firm he "worked" for.

(Turns out, I'm not that far off.