Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I wanted three...

After a weekend of a lot of togetherness, I was actually looking forward to a day at home alone with just Hannah. Maybe I'd get in a really good nap! But on Sunday night, I got the not unexpected news...Westerville schools would be closed on Monday.

Dave and I debated. "I guess should probably stay home." "No, I wanted three girls. Well...I've got them and this is the kinda stuff that will happen, so..." So I better learn how to handle three girls all on my own now, while I have no pressures from my job to deal with. Once I go back to work, it will only get more difficult.

So, David got the girls up the next morning, gave them the good news followed by what I guess was a little lecture about how they were to help Mommy while they were at home, kissed us all goodbye, and then headed off to work.

And you know what? It was a really good day! Sarah and Grace played so well together...I give Sarah a lot of credit for being such a patient big sister. Hannah was a good girl too...she slept mostly, but when she wasn't sleeping she was quite interactive.

We had lunch up at the office with David and his coworkers, then headed to the mall play area to run off some energy. The girls enjoyed pushing their little sister in her stroller and Mommy treating them to ice cream after they played.

Even though there was stll laundry to do, dishes to put away, bathrooms that needed to be cleaned, I went to bed that night feeling like I had accomplished so much!


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