Saturday, March 08, 2008

More blizzard fun

Earlier today you heard about the tedium and work involved in big time snow storms.

Luckily, our next door neighbors--who are originally from Cleveland and are more used to heavier snows--saved us from our Southern-born, bitter, snowbound selves and informed us that the slight hill that our house sits on (the same one that makes shoveling the driveway so difficult and necessary) also works quite well as a beginners sledding hill.

So, their two kids and Sarah and Grace got bundled up and they had fun sledding down our front yard, across the sidewalk tunnel I carved earlier today, and into the banked up snow that protects us from the street.

I've put a video that Lynda took in the evening light here on WWYG?! Omnimedia.

Naturally, Hannah did not participate. I kept her safe and warm inside while we enjoyed a picturesque, warming fire in the fireplace and many thoughtful songs provided by my friend Raisinette.