Wednesday, March 19, 2008

RIP, again

So, is Cruise at it again?

In the last two days, two more giants in the media industry have shuffled off their mortal coil.

First, Anthony Minghella, director of many famous movies dies. One may hope that he did not die a "long, painful, boring death"--still my favorite . . . and only remembered line from the Fox animated series "King of the Hill." The "Khan" character says--"I'm gonna die like English Patient girlfriend. Long, painful, boring death!"

Secondly (and more importantly to my geek heritage), Arthur C. Clarke died. He authored many books, some of which I loved. His commitment to a science fiction grounded in solid facts and scientific possibilities enriched my understanding of the potential of the future.

I do not wish now to speculate on why Mr. Cruise would target these two individuals, except to note that both men were involved in the movie industry and surely Cruise has been turned down for roles that related to their works? If not that, then perhaps the Cruise family were shopping for a summer home in Sri Lanka?

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Anonymous said...

Clearly, Tom took out Sir Arthur. Clarke was a rationalist--a clear enemy of Scientology. He even argued that religious belief was a sign of mental illness that we would one day cure. Also consider that Clarke and L Ron Hubbard became successful science fiction authors at about the same time. I'm surprised it took Tom this long eliminate a rival of Hubbard's.
Cruise named his kid Suri--a very Indian sounding name--and Clarke lived in Sri Lanka. Naming Suri was probably a warning to Sir Arthur that Cruise was coming for him. Also, Sir Arthur loved scuba diving--and did it into his 80s. Recall that ship that sank in the Mediterranean, and Cruise just "happened" to be sailing nearby and helped rescue them. I think Sir Arthur was carrying out a little underwater demolition op and hit the wrong boat... And now Tom has got him, cleverly waiting until Clarke was 90 so it looked like death from old age.