Friday, December 09, 2005

What Happened to Studying the Universe?

Have you seen the new Wendy's hamburger commercial?

It's fairly simple . . . a row of hamburgers pumping up and down like equalizer bars on a stereo to a version of The Rolling Stones "Satisfaction." You can see it here by visiting the website and clicking on the link for the commercial "Equalizer."

All right. Go watch it . . . I'll wait.

Done, yet?

(nonchalant whistling)


Now, leave aside the cholesterol-inducing image of hamburgers with six (SIX!) patties--you can't buy them that big anyway--and answer this question: how did Wendy's convince Stephen Hawking to sing for this commercial?

1 comment:

Sven Golly said...

Wendy's ad people undoubtedly know who their target market is, but it isn't Rolling Stones fans - so it must be physics buffs?! I smell a rat in the chili.