Thursday, December 08, 2005

Rating Washington's Monuments

I really like Slate's photo essays.

I provided one a few days ago that debates the merits of decaying structures.

Today's essay is also on the theme of loss and memorializing time gone by--an examination of the various monuments in and around Washington D.C.

Which are good; which are bad; which over-reach; which are just right?

Read and decide for yourself.

(What do I think? Well, I am glad that the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial were not designed in our time. While I agree that the Vietnam Memorial is excellent in form and function, I have not been enamored with what I've read of the more recent additions--such as WWII and FDR. I should note that I haven't experienced these memorials myself, having last been to WDC in 1989. But I have read about these constructions a bit. They sound overly fussy, if you get my meaning. I worry that the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial will suffer from the same affliction.)

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David said...

I also worry about the Mall becoming cluttered. I was gut-level opposed to the WW2 beheamoth on those grounds, aside from the particular style of the memorial itself.
And FDR deserved a simpler, more stately memorial that the "all things for all people" mish mash that it seems he got.

The future . . . let's not even think about it. shudder)