Thursday, December 08, 2005

To: Resident

It came in a plain white envelope; the return address was P.O. Box 1417 Eustis, Florida 32717-1417.

Inside, it was just a "book" entitled The Secret Terrorists.

The Table of Contents is laid out like this:

  1. Target: America
  2. President Andrew Jackson
  3. Harrison, Taylor, and Buchanan
  4. President Abraham Lincoln
  5. The Sinking of the Titanic [NOW it's becoming intriguing!]
  6. World War One
  7. World War Two
  8. President John F. Kennedy
  9. The Waco Massacre [uh oh]
  10. The Oklahoma City Bombing
  11. The World Trade Center Attack
  12. Religious Terrorism in America

Of course, I had to read it.

The "plot" goes like this. The Catholic Church is out to destroy the United States, and has been attempting to do so for hundreds of years. Andrew Jackson beat back the evil machinations of Nicholas Biddle and his Rothschild-funded central bank. But William Henry Harrison was not so lucky. Harrison, you see refused to bow to the nefarious plots of the evil Jesuits that served as the Vatican's secret ninjas and for that he was poisoned with arsenic by these same Jesuits. (And you thought it was pneumonia.) John Tyler was snuffed out in the same way--though the "book" makes it seem that his death occurred while he was still in office instead of 17 years after he left the White House. (Honestly, who's editing this "book"? Can't they get their facts straight? Oh . . . wait. . . .)

Naturally, the Jesuits were instrumental in killing Lincoln, according to this "book." The Jesuits were instrumental in Kennedy's death. (Naturally. At this point in the conspiracies, the only person not suspected of killing JFK is maybe me and my children.)

You also won't be surprised to learn that the Jesuits were instrumental in engineering both World War I and World War II--to make sure that a centralized government (first the failed League of Nations and then the U.N.) was created to serve as a puppet organization to be operated by the Pope and financed through his connections to the evil U.S. centralized banking system.

And don't forget about the Waco Massacre in 1993. According to this "book" Bill Clinton was also a Jesuit, pledged to do the evil demands of his Papal master in Rome. What was demanded by Clinton's master? Why did the poor souls at Waco have to die? Because they would be the evil symbols of gun-ownership run amok and this would give basis for passing legislation that, according to this "book", "would have torn a huge gap in the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. . . . Who has hated the Constitution from the very beginning? From the very inception of this country, the Jesuits have sought to destroy the Constitution. They called the Constitution a Satanic document."

There is much more (the bombing in Oklahoma City and, of course, the destruction of the World Trade Center), but to tell the truth, I worry about discussing it in detail because I am afraid that some unsuspecting soul will stumble across my blog and think that I espouse this mindless set of lies.

Naturally, I find it hilarious and profoundly sad to read. There is a website that allows anyone else who wants a good laugh to read the sordid truth of the United States that no one else is bothering to tell you.

Don't forget to spit on the next Catholic you meet, but be careful . . . they just might poison you if you piss them off!

Inside is a self-addressed postcard with this message:
No donations asked
Do you have concern about the future?
Does a one world govt. (with no freedom) sound good to you? Ever wondered what the mark of the beast is? Babylon? The man of sin whose number is 666?
Would you like the answers to these questions and be able to understand
Bible prophecy? Facts from the Bible, history, and the occult
prove who and what these things are.
Learn these crucially important truths. Learn how the Bible interprets itself. NO opinions of men. Probation is fixing to close.
The end of all things is at hand. Your choice is heaven or perdition. There is
no third alternative. Satan does not want you to have this knowledge. But Jesus
does and He proved His love for you by dying for you Your eternal destiny
depends on how you respond to this choice. For more information, send this card,
or call: ___-___-____.

It all makes me sick.

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