Thursday, December 29, 2005

. . . jiggity jig

Well, I'm back from the South.

I'll fill in more details later, but it was a good trip and we got to see everyone.

(Whomever can get the title reference will receive a shiny new dime!)

('Cause it's not that hard . . .)


David said...

First, it's not New Year's yet, is it?

Second, what better resolutions (for the next two years!) can I come up with than already exist in my fabulous 101 in 1001 post?

BTW, I've accomplished 33 of 101 in year 1. (That is 32.6%) Almost exactly on schedule!

David said...

I'll provide the answer to my post title riddle on Monday. That'll give people time to read and think.

Anonymous said...

I know the answer to the riddle but I have to DQ myself from receiving the dime due to 2 things mentioned in your previous post: the depth of experience gives me an unfair advantage and the many many miles between us makes it impractical for me to collect.

It was great catching up with you and the family these last few days and I hope it won't be another year before we get to do so again.


David said...

Well, the incomplete answer is that there is a nursery rhyme which includes the lines "Home again, home again, jiggity jig."

And since the post was about being (at my childhood) home (town) and coming back to my (current) home, it seemed apropos.

And other bloggers agree--a google search for the phrase will yield other posts of similar theme.