Friday, December 16, 2005

Gluttoned OUT

I have reached my gluttony tipping point (which is probably the point at which my desert-distended belly forces my weary body to tip over).

My department has been celebrating its annual Glutton Fest the last several weeks. (WEEKS! people)

This is the Bataan Death March of eating: every morning and afternoon someone brings in new treats. Meanwhile outside vendors send their Christmas Thank You bundles from Harry & David et. al. We've got another week to go!

I can't take it any more. My throat feels thick (probably clogged with fat residue and sugar). Of course, come Monday, my weekend off will probably get me back up to gluttonous speed. sigh

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David said...

Gluttony of a different sort is described in this Slate feature.

It is part 5 of a very interesting travel guide. Start on Day 1 and read.