Thursday, December 15, 2005

Quick notes

I haven't posted in a few days and wanted to let all my anxious readers (who don't see me every day) that, "Yep, still here."

Things have been slightly hectic lately . . . part work, part season, part weather, part whatever. I'm trying to help Lynda with her work some (doing simple stuff so it doesn't have to be mailed to someone . . . which takes time and costs). I've also been shepherding the kids around and trying to keep them healthy--both Lynda and Sarah were hit with an intestinal bug during the last few days, but it seems to have been short-lived. Meanwhile Grace has a strong cold with congestion and wheezing. But, it's mostly minor inconveniences and no MAJOR problems.

My efforts to keep with with Christmas preparations are inching along. Not that this means much. About 90 percent of the gifts have been purchased, though none have been wrapped. I need to mail some, but haven't done that yet either.

We have settled on our travel plans--flying to Atlanta on the evening of the 23rd and spending a couple of days in the north GA mountains with Lynda's parents. Then we'll head to South GA for a couple of days, splitting some time with my family and Lynda's brother. No one gets all that they want, but that's usually the way it works.

I am working on a Christmas-related blog entry that is proceeding slowly. This will be in lieu of any card . . . so stop checking your mailbox and start checking the In Box.

(Since I'm not posting much, go enjoy Sven Golly's nice poetic turn on the holidays . . . and his many other interesting and thought-provoking posts on other stuff.)

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