Saturday, August 06, 2005

Valvo line

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Jack Thunder said...

wow, an audioblog On Location. that rocks. if only i could have heard some air tools or scabrous garage talk. but that's okay, because you had background music! good job. you've begun creating the soundtrack to your life, and you have to do it yourself because no one else is gonna do it for you, that's for sure.

i love making playlists. i've done that much more than i ever expected. most of the playlists come from mix cd's i've made for other people, but at least twice i've made a playlist for a roadtrip. for example: i know that "AMC trip" (made for a trip to a conference) is a two-hour collection of pleasant songs for an early morning (Belle & Sebastian, Ben Folds, etc.), and "AMC trip back" is a two-hour collection of energetic songs to make myself forget the awkwardness of the conference and to speed myself home (The Libertines, Le Tigre, The Thermals, etc.). they were both very useful and nice to have.

David said...

In my original audiopost, which I claimed (rightly) was much more better--more coherent and "snappy"--I credited Jack Thunder for giving me the idea of creatiing a mixed playlist that combined adult and children's music. Jack said he had burned such a mix for his brother and neice.

I also noted that while Jack told me this bit of news several years ago, he never bothered to do the same for me. Spurred on by his snubbing, I finally have acquired the technology the overcome his oversight.