Thursday, August 18, 2005

Day 2

(6:50 am PDT)

Well, we avoided jet lag problems and stayed in bed until approximately 10 am EDT, which is a pretty good long sleep for two parents with young kids.

Last night we discovered a small problem--Tegan's glasses got bent on the plane by our seatmate when he was squeezing past us. (She has taken them off due to a headache and had hung the glasses off of the seatback in front of her.) And then as we were getting ready to go to dinner, I discovered that one of my lenses was ready to pop out of it's frame!

So, today, our first goal is to head down into the Chinatown district, or thereabouts and visit a Lenscrafters to (hopefully) get our glasses repaired. There is lots to do down in that area, so we may just make a morning of it.

Last night we went to Pier 39 for dinner and ate at the Crab House, home of the Killer Crab! I decided to have the crab enchiladas and Tegan had halibut. It was good.

We wandered around the tourists Pier, which reminded me of Chicago's Navy Pier. We took some pictures of the bay in early, foggy evening. I'll try to download some later. We also got to see the sea lions, per Jack Thunder's request.

Well, its time for breakfast and then glasses repair!

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