Friday, August 12, 2005

1 is the loneliest number

Is it really?

Who knows and who cares, because "Why Won't You Grow?!" turns one-year-old today!

Whoo hooooo!

Who would have known, when I posted this little gem that I would soon be crushing all blogs in my path? Who could have known that my little spec on the Information Superhighway would grow to become the vast and monolithic empire of sturm und drang that it is today?

Do you not quail in fear at what I shall accomplish by the time we are 2?


Let's celebrate by all laughing at Star Wars, Episode III: Backstroke of the West.


A P said...

Congrats, Burb!

One year ago, who ever knew what a big part this little Web site would play in our lives?

Hell, it started a trend . . . a revolution, if you will.

Props. Mad, mad props.

flipper said...


Happy Anniversary, WWYG! NOW will you explain the meaning of the title?

David said...

Here is how I remember it . . . but we all know how unreliable my memory can be.

This whole blog thing started last summer when Dr. Actually gave me a newspaper clipping about Bravo's new reality show in which people competed to write sit-com scripts. The winner would have his script made into a TV pilot. (The whole concept was sort of like America's Next Top Script Writer.)

The clipping from Dr. A explained all this and he suggested that I should try out (facetiously, I imagine) because I'm always talking about TV, so why not shut up and do something about it--I don't think he actually said it that way. He was much more properly polite, as Canadians can be.

So, I kept the clipping, but didn't start writing a script or anything.

But Dr. A, flipper, and I were standing around that day talking about what sort of sitcom I could write. We started thinking about office-related humor and at some point "Seinfeld" was brought up . . and how the show was kind of pointless and meandering. (I guess that would suit my writing style best?) But I mentioned that the rule of the creators of "Seinfeld" was that the characters wouldn't learn, wouldn't change, and wouldn't grow.

It was at this point that I think I broke out the phrase . . . "Grow! Why Won't You Grow!"

Why? . . . Don't remember.

I never did write a sitcom script, but later that day I decided to begin this blog . . . because the two things are related . . . how?


When I started setting up the template on day 1, the phrase Why Won't You Grow?! just kind of leapt into my mind when I was contemplating a name. The rest is blogging history . . .

Now, isn't that the biggst let-down you have ever had? Don't you wish I had a better story for the blog title?

Well, if you can come up with a better story that YOU think is more exciting or more appropriate, then feel free to send it my way.