Monday, August 08, 2005

The family that is lame together . . .

. . . stays together.

"Hey Burb! Whatcha doin' now, huh?"

Well, I'll tell ya.

I'm sitting here at the dining room (is it really a room? more of a dining area) table, listening to The Killers while sitting across from my lovely wife.

"How nice . . . playing Scrabble are you?"

Nope. Both doin' some work . . . but we are drinking some wine to make up for it. We decided to open a bottle to go with dinner and I proceeded to begin mangling the cork. Tegan helpfully finished the mangling (while also chipping the bottle opening).

So, with no cork we HAVE to finish the bottle--or more likely throw some of it away. We just don't drink that much, okay?

I am REALLY enjoying The Killers (and I KNOW that some of you are shaking your heads, because it's only be popular for months now, but forgive me).

I am also enjoying more and more. Trust me that you haven't completely lived until you have heard The Doors "Light My Fire" combined with Sesame Street's "Phenomen, Mena (Dit do dit do do)" song. And to make it ever crazier, it throws in a bit of "Macarena." Go find it and enjoy.


Sven Golly said...

Wow, Mashuptown is pretty cool, and where have I been, eh? I like what they did with "Break on through" - especially Burt and Ernie's (or whoever that was, Cheech and Chong?) comments at the end.

David said...

In a clear sign of synergy, I believe the voices at the end were the two old balcony geezers from "The Muppet Show."