Friday, August 26, 2005

Fighting comment spam

If you have been keeping up with my site . . . and why would you not? . . . you might have noticed some comment interplay between Jack Thunder and I on the problem of blog comment spam.

It has occurred twice on my blog and I dutifully sent in a warning to Blogger about it, hoping to get some feedback on how to deal with it.

I noticed on the Blogger home page that they have provided a way to deal with the problem--comment verification.
I mention this for two reasons: 1.) to pass on the knowledge to other bloggers and 2.) to point out that I will enable this IF comment spam continues to become a problem. My personal feeling is to avoid doing this, as it adds another step to commenting and might discourage people from responding to my posts (which I definitely don't want to do). But, if the spam continues to grow, I will have to take measures to combat it.

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