Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The awful truth

So Dr. Actually, Flipper, and I got into a discussion of blogs this afternoon and Dr. A wondered how my hit traffic was coming along.

So, I dutifully checked. Here is the awful truth:

The two HUGE (for me, anyway) spikes corresponded with the beginning of July, right after Ruth's birthday; the second was right after Ariel's birthday.

So, this proves that people don't read UNLESS I am discussing my kids. They are driving my traffic!

(You know, I should find out how things were going when I was obsessing about the air conditioner . . .)

1 comment:

Jack Thunder said...

I'm guessing you should correlate the traffic not with your content but with the lifestyle patterns of your readers.
While some of your readers check your blog nearly every day (okay, maybe that's just your best reader, me), most don't. You might notice that the troughs in this graph happen on the weekends; the spikes happen towards Monday or the early part of (work) weeks. Combine this with when you post, and the graph might make more sense.
But you've probably thought about all of this. Nice graph, by the way.