Monday, August 29, 2005

A myriad of topics--some hairy, some sexy (or not)

My plan tonight was to begin with a request from Ariel to me over the weekend. She asked me where my beard went and claimed that she liked it when I grew a beard.

Currently I don't feature a beard, but I did have a full beard this past winter.

So, my plan was to give you the opportunity to vote on what sort of beard I might grow to appease Ariel, because you know I love to give you, my loyal readers the chance to make me dance like a puppet on a string.

Ariel claims that she prefers a goatee style rather than the full facial model, so that is what I am limiting my choices to at the moment.

But before giving you photographic choices, you must learn about the various styles.

I won't use all these tedious names but will give you a few choices (complete with my own personal names) to make the voting simpler.

Should I got with what I call the traditional modern goatee? How about one of my personal favorites . . . the Red Sea goatee (because the moustache and chin are separated)?

Or maybe the chin model?

How about the reverse T?

Let me know what you prefer by providing a comment. I'll give the votes due deliberation and begin growing soon . . . as long as you don't make me look like a fool. I can do that on my own with no help from you and besides, I do have a public career to consider.

And, oh yeah . . . Ariel and I thank you for your input.


In a COMPLETELY unrelated bit of posting, I found this story on Slate tonight that just demanded discussion amongst the MFJF 4-square (and all of its subsidiary members). But I will give you a HEADS UP WARNING at the start--this article deals with sex (but doesn't have any graphics, so don't worry about that). If you are turned off by such things, then don't venture down the link above.


Anonymous said...

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David said...


Comment spam hit me like a brick this time.

I wonder if it is worse when posting at a certain time?

At any rate . . . this is very troubling and I think I am gonna have to implement comment verification.

Sorry everyone, but I can't take this kind of crap.

Sven Golly said...

Where to begin? At the end! Yes, definitely unacceptable. One of the pitfalls of popularity. Glycoflex ii 4 cats? Pet health solutions? Cold fusion? Do key words lure these people in? Then why don't I have comments from sophisticated literary types, spiritual seekers, and international men of mystery? Oh yeah, never mind.

I just e-mailed Sigmund Freud during a break from the science fair, and he wonders whether the Slate article is REALLY so unrelated. But I can't say anymore in polite company.

On your manly square jaw, I'd say the reverse T would be quite becoming. And what the heck is Attilio?

David said...

I am posting Lulu's responce to this post here--but she responded on her own blog, which I highly recommend, but must warn you that it (like she) is full of salty language that you would NEVER read of WWYG?!

But she feels strongly about this, as she does about many things. I honor that.

And besides, the post's title warms my heart.