Sunday, April 17, 2005

Too late to post

I really should put something down tonight.

I had a very eventful weekend--a party at Lulu's, a birthday party for a friend of Ruth's today; Tegan leaving tomorrow for Texas, leaving me to take care of the kid's until Thursday (with Ariel unable to shake a cold).

I may not be at work tomorrow if I have to take Ariel to the doctor. There are lots of things happening this week and I will have to handle them alone.

I also have lingering thoughts on the latest fallout from the Eugene Robinson/Anglican Church fallout. This time it has directly affected my church-going life.

But right now I am trying to catch up on some neglected financial receipt entering, then I've got to get some sleep. I will post some pictures from our weekend activities later this week (once I get the kids to sleep).

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