Monday, April 18, 2005

More random bits with little connection

I've gone and done it (again?).

I've neglected my faithful three readers and waited several days between posts--and those posts haven't shown much quality or forethought. I shouldn't do it, I know, but I haven't been motivated enough to sit down and write about something.

And its not like I don't have things to write about, I guess I just don't trust myself to write about them well. So, what do I do? I'll throw a bunch of half-baked ideas down tonight and be disappointed in the overall result.

So . . . get ready!

Idea #1 A few weeks ago, I received our monthly Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio newsletter--Interchange. I'll admit that I don't read it extremely carefully all time. But the headline on page 1 caught my eye. It read "Election postponed: ministry keeps going strong." The story announced that the upcoming election of a new bishop for the EDSO (Bishop Herbert Thompson is retiring) is being postponed. This is a direct result of the continuing fallout from the election of Gene Robinson, professed homosexual bishop in New Hampshire.

This is happening because of the Windsor Report, which you can read via this link. I won't pretend to say that I have read the whole thing or even a great deal of it, but I know that it is a reaction from the global Anglican community against the Episcopal Church, USA (as well as--most?--Canadian Anglicans) and their support of homosexuals in the religious community. The part of the Windsor Report that I know about asks that any further votes on the issue of homosexuality be postponed until the Anglican community as a whole can reach a consensus. (Never mind that it is only the North Americans who are hanging in the wind here.)

But as a result of the Windsor Report, the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church, USA has issued its own Covenant Statement, which, in part suggests that no bishops should be consecrated until the EC, USA has its 2006 General Convention (which, coincidentally, will be held in Columbus, OH).

So, because Bishop Thompson must retire due to his age, my diocese will be without a presiding bishop for a time--all because of the issue of homosexuality in the church.

I'm disappointed and frustrated by this. I am frustrated that this issue is grinding the Church to a halt. Important work that can help people will likely suffer from this. And (while I don't claim to know with certainty) I just don't think that Jesus would approve--thought I really hesitate to bring it to that level of thinking. But, it's Church, right? If you don't think in those terms in a Church setting, you will NEVER do so in any other instance. I guess I don't like to think that way because it puts a bad taste in my mouth. I have never been comfortable being overtly religious in public and it is something that I struggle with, but I have images of what it means to say and ask that way in public--right or wrong--and I am not comfortable being "that way" right now.

A wishy-washy stance for a wishy-washy entry.

Idea #2 As I mentioned in my late-night entry last night, I have plans to post some pictures from our weekend of social activity--mostly from Lulu's very enjoyable party (and we couldn't even stay for the Christopher Guest Film Fest part). So, look for that in the next few days, if I can get around to it.

Idea #3 I realized that I can mark a few more items off of my 101 in 1001 list. Which ones, you ask? Well, you'll have to keep coming back and check to see. I promise pictures to back me up, however.

No idea The girls were pretty good for me this evening. There was some sadness from Ruth when she realized that Tegan wouldn't be there to put her down to bed. But it wasn't a whole lot of crying. Trust me, if you had seen the way she reacted to the idea a few weeks ago, you would be counting blessing as well. Up until recently, she wouldn't give me the time of day. But, forced into only having me around, she accepts it pretty well. It's not EXACTLY a ringing endorsement of me, but I'll bide my time. Ariel eventually came around to appreciating me more and Ruth will as well.

But I had better get some sleep, or at least go upstairs and read in bed for a while. If Ariel's fever hasn't improved tomorrow, I'll have to stay home with her again, like I did today.

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