Sunday, April 24, 2005

Blogging--A View from the Experts?

Who constitutes a expert on blogging is up for debate.

But the good people at Business Week are committing themselves to tackling the subject.

Rather than spend about a week trying to convey the totality of their cover article on the future of blogging and business, I thought that you might profit from reading the entire article yourself, via this link.

Once you have read the article, you can also check out the new blog that Business Week is created to further this

Some things are mentioned in the article that I have encountered since my blogging started--the possibility of using AdSense to raise some pocket change; the thoughts on how to make your blog so "must-read" that other bloggers link to you.
(Obviously, I haven't figured out how to accomplish that second item.
Will I ever? Probably not until I start blogging on topics that most other people care about, and I guess the article is providing ways for me to find out exactly what that might be.)

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