Thursday, April 21, 2005

The rest of the story . . .

Ariel was with me at home today; her fever returned so I had to take her back to the doctor. But since I wrote the day off from trying to do any work and she slept a great deal of the time, I was able to relax and read.

Tegan got back around lunchtime from her adventures in Texas focus-grouping. She is tired, but is glad to be home (and so am I).

A few days ago I wrote about the adventures we had trying to buy a microwave (because I'm too lazy to provide a link to it, you'll have to scroll down a few entries to see the whole sordid mess.

So, after I bought that microwave at Home Depot and found out that it didn't fit (on last Thursday evening) I tried on Friday after coming home from work, to return it and get another one. I wasn't going to try and find another microwave at that store, so I was going to quickly return the microwave at Home Depot and then zip to Target, get another one, and be done with it.

One problem though . . . the single computer dedicated to returns at my local HD was operating INCREDIBLY slowly and there were two customers in front of me. After waiting probably 20 minutes, I was able to get to the front of the line and get the microwave returned. But I didn't start moving any faster because Target was over on the western side of the interstate and I was travelling with the crush of Friday evening traffic. It took me another 30 to 40 minutes to get where I wanted to go and then find the microwaves, find one that looked right, and then buy it and get home. The traffic coming back was much faster!

So, my trip had now taken me 2 hours to complete--and I didn't get any dinner either. But, it was all better right? Wrong.

The microwave I had purchased was, I discovered to my horror, 1/4'' too big to fit in the shelf area above our stove. I didn't throw the offending oven through the wall, but allowed Tegan to put it back in the box. She told the quietly fuming me that I was to put Ariel to bed that night and she would take that microwave back and try again. She erred on the side of extreme caution by getting a very small microwave that indeed fit. So, that story is now complete.

The next day, the day of Lulu's party (see this morning's entry for illustrations) we had errands to run and so, decided to get the day started by going to Bob Evans for breakfast.

Well, our string of bad luck continued, as we put in our order and then waited for a very, very long time, watching people who had sat down long after us get their food and start eating. Luckily, the girls chose to be very good this day or we might have fled the restaurant in desperation. But, we finally got the waitress' attention and politely asked, "WTF??!!"

Apparently, our order had disappeared somewhere between our table and the kitchen. We DID eventually get what we wanted and the manager was nice enough to come out and apologize heartily, giving us the entire meal for free--so, we had that going for us.

Since these days, I've been hiding out in the house, avoiding as many customer/service situations as possible.

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