Friday, April 08, 2005

I cringe slightly and then stand firm in the face of danger!

I am a rebel! Oh, yeah . . . didn't you know? I'm breaking rules left and right! I use corporate resources to sometimes post on this very blog!!!

What's that? You don't think that is a big deal? Well then, maybe you should read THIS!!!

Scared yet?

In all seriousness, this link and a gently worded warning/reminder was sent around the department on Monday. But I am not worried. I have only spent brief moments at work placing short posts about 10 times in the course of almost a year's worth of blogging. And I take great pains not to bad-mouth the company, mention it by name, provide state secrets, or start a separate website entitle "________ Sucks!.com" so I don't think I am in grave danger.

All of my fellow blogging coworkers talked about the email briefly and agreed that we have been keeping our noses clean. If any of us were to be fired, it would have to be on something other than blogging.

So, keep your noses clean everyone!!

(Apropos of nothing, I wanted to pass along a brief PSA to my fellow Blogger members. Next time you are on the dashboard, notice the news item about recovering lost posts. I know that Flip has experienced this problem and I would bet that others have as well. You will notice that a new "Recover post" link is available on the new post composition screen. It might help you retrieve something that you spent time writing--as long as you don't spend your work time doing it!!)

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