Monday, April 04, 2005

The creeping danger of cheering

Bryan Curtis of Slate has a story (see title post for link) on the evil cheerleader. Thank God we have the state of Texas to tell the rest of us when we are becoming dangerously close to burning in hell for ever.

My favorite line in the story comes in the first paragraph when Texas representative Al Edwards explains that the modern cheering style is too sexy . . . "they way they're shaking their behinds and going on, breaking it down [italics mine]." You go, Rep. Edwards! Show that you have done your homework by droppin' that lingo on us. (May I suggest you consult the website, Gizoogle for more helpful translation?)


In other cheering news, see this story about the annual college mascot tournament. There is more references to shaking behinds in this story, but I don't know if the aforementioned mascots "broke it down." One mascot was, disturbingly described as "submissive" however. Maybe we should get some legislation underway?

Incidentally, I heard that the U.K. Wildcat won the tournament this year. Too bad the men's team couldn't take some pointers from him/her/who knows?

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