Thursday, September 23, 2004

A very eventful day

Many, many things happened today. Most of them were very good.

The company picnic was much more enjoyable than I was prepared to expect. The food was adequate and it was hot, but Team Foos-Booyah! was even hotter. We all went into it with the idea that we would play, experience something unusual, take the opportunity to make fools of ourselves (with shirts!) and that would be that.

Who knew that we had the Eye of the Tiger? Who knew that we were human foosball animals and that only the blood of vanquished opponents could slake our thirst for tethered dominance? I think we all learned something about ourselves on that human foosball inflatable thing and I think we grew a little bit as well. Maybe we're slightly better friends now than we were at 11:30 this morning. Going through a war together will do that for you.

Anyway, we totally kicked the ass of every other team we played. Those flunkies from HR tried a comeback on us, but we shut that down. The other team wouldn't even play us, so we took on all comers and just humiliated anyone who got in our way.

I'll have more on that when (I hope) Spec provides the pictures. I'll post a few and say a few words.

In other news, Smallville and Lost premiered tonight. Both were absolutely excellent. I am sure that The Shirtless Wonder and I will go over it in detail tomorrow and as soon as Omar G posts his recap, you'll get that link as well, but a great deal of very nice and fun things happened.

Clark flew for one thing. And to make all of the Ho-yay out there happy, he was mostly naked for the first several minutes. Lois Lane came to town (in two varieties--new girl and classic 1980s). Lex didn't die, but Pa Kent almost did. Chloe is NOT dead, but she is MIA. Lana (boo, hiss) is still in Paris, but is acting insufferable with her new random boyfriend. (Her old random boyfriend showed up on Lost.)

Speaking of Lost, I found it every bit as good as all the reviews have suggested. All of the acting was excellent. It was exciting, dramatic, sad, and potentially ludicrous all at the same time. I won't go into detail because I know some of you out there are going to watch my tape. I won't spoil anything for you.

Two nice things I WILL say, however, is that everybody's overweight FBI agent (Alias's Weiss) was piloting the disastrous plane--way to go there buddy! And two, judging by next week's preview scenes, J.J. Abrams hasn't forgotten some of what keeps us coming back for more on Alias--there was a prominent camera linger on the shows hot lead female standing on the beach in her underwear. (Way to keep you eye on the demographic J.J.)

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A P said...

Smallville was pretty frickin' awesome, and it is very good that everyone's favorite spunky blonde is alive and well (as if any of us true fans ever denied that for a second!). I could do without Tom Welling's "acting," but other than that, I have no real non-Lana complaints.

The picnic was much . . . MUCH more fun than I thought it would be--especially the human foosball. Who knew that the tandem of Perk and Spec would create a stone wall protecting our goal? Who knew that we would get gritty D and assists from Raisenette, Lulu, Dr. Actually, and Alternate #3? For that matter, who knew that the front line of Burb, Flip, and Shirtless would unleash a relentless assault of goals and athletic prowess--nay, dominance?

I will say this: I had no idea how physically taxing human foosball would be. Sure, Team Foos-BOOYAH! was up to the task, but we all endured our share of sweat, shin kicks, and general heat exhaustion. However, that, and a few cases of canvas burn (damn obstical course!) were not enough to dampen our accomplishment of apocalyptic dominance and historic greatness.