Wednesday, September 29, 2004


A bunch of random stuff tonight.

First of all, REM news. I've got lots of it. Because the band allowed previews of Around the Sun at, a friend of Tegan's burned a copy, which you can see on my front page, I am currently diggin'. It is not the best album they have ever made, but it has some good songs on it. "Leaving New York" is okay--you can see the video at the REM home website. I enjoy the style of "Electron Blue" and there is a moment in "Wanderlust" that I particularly enjoy. So, all in all, it is growing on me.

In other REM news, you might recall that Tegan and I were planning on going to see them in Akron. Well, the Akron show got cancelled. But a show was added in its place on the same day in Cincinnati. Its roughly the same distance and since we already had babysitting lined up for that day, so--yay! The concert will be held at the Taft Theater. Seats are probably a little less good than in Akron, because I assume the venue is a bit bigger, but any show is better than no show at all.
In the disturbing commerce department, I have two observations to make.
First, I ran across a weird website today about mummification. Apparently its not just for ancient Egyptians anymore. If you've got the cash, you can have your very own sarcophagus and everything. And its not just you. Mummify Fido. And if your children present you with difficult questions such as, "Daddy, why is mommy all wrapped up in bandages? Does she have a boo-boo?" you can simply point them to the Mummy Bear. He'll answer little Sally's questions, sing her songs, tell her some great jokes, and maybe indoctrinate her in the family cult.
Second, has anyone noticed the extremely weird style of Burger King advertisements lately? The actual "Burger King" is back, but he's changed! I remember the 70s Burger King fondly. He had a reddish ginger beard, seemed kindly, and with a twist of his magical Burger King ring, he could help a kid out . . . and probably provide some fries as well. Anyway, he was their version of Ronald McDonald and as corporate mascots go he was no less offensive than Subway Jarod.
But now . . . they have some guy inside a puppet-like king head. It's creepy. ESPECIALLY the one I saw tonight were the mute puppet King is suddenly in some dude's bed in the morning offering him a breakfast croissanwich. I mean, is puppet homoeroticism gonna sell burgers? A disturbing advertising theme, I gotta say.
What else? Hmmm. Lost was again good tonight. Not as dramatic as the first night, certainly, and a little boring as we begin to learn the individual secrets of each castaway. But I foresee that as we learn more about all of the survivors, we'll experience that plane crash again and again and again but each time from someone else's perspective. How very Groundhog Day but without the funny.
As for whatever else I am desperately trying to remember to add here. . . I am sure that I'll think of it later.

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