Monday, September 27, 2004

It was a scene out of Rockwell

No, not this guy . . . this guy.

If someone has been watching me, they would have seen an idyllic scene reminiscent of autumn, Americana, and all that whatnot.

Here's the story. This morning as we were pulling out of the driveway, Ariel expressed an interest in helping me rake up leaves that had fallen in our front yard.

We have a tree in our front yard. Dr. Actually's wife, I think, said that it was a locust tree. Whatever it is, it has lots of small, oval leaves that, when they fall, cover everything is a nice even orange carpet.

A few days ago I had swept these leaves up in our driveway after mowing, but over the weekend, a great deal of new leaves fell. So Ariel wanted to help clean it up.

As soon as we got home this afternoon she wanted to get started. Ariel and I got out the brooms and started pushing the leaves around. Ruth, of course, wanted to help too, so Tegan kept an eye on her with a broom and I got the rake and started gathering all the leaves into a central pile.

Once the leaves were all piled up properly, Ariel wanted to jump in them. After she got her fill of that we went inside and ate dinner.

After dinner Tegan and Ariel bought some corn stalks to decorate our front porch, some decorative gourds for our dinner table and we also bought one of those leaf bags that looks like a giant pumpkin. So, we are getting ready for the Halloween season.

It was a nice evening. We got outside for a bit and the kids had fun.

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