Sunday, September 05, 2004

Opinions on Garden State-- Tegan and I went with Old Navy, and ER to see "Garden State" this past Friday night. I enjoyed it a lot, though I must admit that Mr. Braff did try his best to create the spirit and feeling of a modern-day "Graduate." I don't really mean that as a criticism--if you are going to copy a movie why not copy a modern classic? Truly, a great deal of this film reminded me strongly of the Dustin Hoffman classic--the isolated feeling of someone struggling to find himself; being out-of-touch with the previous generation; the integration of the movie and the soundtrack.But let me reiterate . . . I really enjoyed the movie. Go check it out sometime. I think you will like it. There were some moments where Zach went the easy route and followed tried-and-true movie conventions. Those moments felt much falser than the rest of the film . . . but those were only a few spots. Go see it, really!

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Anonymous said...

My favorite scene of the film?: any one in which Natalie Portman was onscreen but not talking.
Or perhaps one involving the motorcycle.
I feel like I want to see it again, which is rare. I'm finding it interestingly/appropriately fuzzy in my memory.

But seriously, what's with Michael Moore moving "Fahr.9/11" into the "Best Picture" category instead of the "Best Doc." category. Interesting.
Is it really to give the other doc.'s a chance?
Is it a publicity stunt? Perhaps, I think, but one done by Harvey and not necessarily Moore. Originally Moore was going to try getting it on tv before the election. But now not. So I'm guessing this is a Miramax thing. 'a shame it won't be on tv.

And how about that Peter Sarsgaard(sp?)?
So what are G.State's Oscar prospects? DISCUSS!
(surely a Best Original Screenplay nom...)

--cinemocrat #12