Saturday, September 18, 2004

Saturday malaise

A few days ago, Lulu suggested I quit posting on TV, entertianment, and the internet and talk about my life for a bit. (I am sure that after reading this, she'll quickly encourage me to go back to the much more interesting life of others.)

After work on Friday many of us gathered at a local restaurant to say our final goodbyes to Old Navy and Evian. It was a nice relaxed time with many of the people you have met here and a few others. I had a few beers and nibbled on other people's appetizers. I hope that Old Navy has a successful move this weekend--the weather couldn't be better.

Got home in time for dinner and Tegan and I got the kids to bed. We vegged out for a while; Tegan knitted mostly. She has caught the knitting bug again--usually something that only cropped up in the past when she was pregnant. But she is knitting about three or four different things right now--blankets for Ruth, a blanket for a friend's baby, and a baptismal blanket for our soon to be godchild. So, if she isn't doing corporate work, she'll have the needles clicking. I am glad she enjoys it so much.

Both Ariel and Ruth slept through the night, which makes that two nights in a row--an extreme rarity for several months now. Let's hope THAT continues. But, as is always the case, Ariel woke me up this morning around 7 for Saturday morning cartoons. During the middle of the night, she turns to Tegan for help with bad dreams, but when she is awake in the morning, she always comes to my side of the bed. I dont' always mind. I brew up som coffee and we try not to make enough noise to wake up Ruth, thus allowing Tegan more sleep.

Today is such a great day that after lunch we all went for a walk through the neighborhood. We stopped at the house of a coworker of Tegans that live in our vicinity. They chatted and I watch all the kids play in their backyard. Ariel got to take a tomato home with her.

Right now Ruth is napping and Tegan is doing some corporate work. I just finished up a bit of work on the computer and figured I should drop a post on ya'll. I'll try to get some more prep work done on my next chapter of textbook material before the weekend is over, but I don't try to do too much work at home. (Now if only I could get more work done at work!) Oh well . . . the schedule stinks for everyone, not just me.

We are contemplating heading down the Interstate tomorrow and visiting the Renaissance Festival. The last time Tegan and I visited was before Ariel was born. We are going to try and convince some of our friends from church to go along. I think all the young kids would enjoy the day down there. I think the weather is going to be great all weekend long. Right now I've got all the windows open in the house and it feels just great. I don't want to think about mowing the lawn or anything at all.

In fact, I should run down to the library and pick up House of Leaves, which I have been waiting on. Spec recommended that I read it, and Shirtless Wonder is enjoying it right now as well. So, maybe I'll go do that.

So, how's that for excitement? If I'm lucky, I'll be able to sit on the deck for maybe ten minutes and read before Ruth wakes up and I've got to be a dad again.

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