Thursday, September 09, 2004

Must See TV and other stuff that is worthy of your time

Well, I watched (via VCR) the first episode of Joey.

It wasn't awful by any stretch of the imagination. It actually felt like any other episode of Friends that didn't involve all six of them at the same time--and I really don't think there can be a more adequate complement for the show than that.

Matt LeBlanc has been Joey for so long, I am sure it comes naturally to him. The supporting cast all seem adequate--based on one viewing. The premise is not entirely ludicrous. Now stop and think about what I just said. Could the same be said of Frasier when it was spun off from Cheers so many years ago?

The Joey in Joey has a LOT more in common with the Friends Joey than Cheers Frasier had with Frasier's Frasier.

(Okay, stop and read THAT again to make sure you understand it . . . I'll wait. . . . Got it?)

Now--given that statement above--is it be possible that Joey may someday be as successful as Frasier, which you should remember not many people had high hopes for in the beginning? True, Joey has a greater need to succeed because NBC is not the ratings juggernaut it was when Frasier was released, but might Joey be a decent sitcom? For right now, it seems possible.

Now, onto other stuff.
Another show that Tegan and I watch is Teen Titans. Don't snicker! If you need to know why (other than the cool animation, carefully developed characters, and really neat superhero costumes), the best reason to watch is for the totally awesome theme song, which I hope you can experience in all its glory via this link. (Just go to the pages linked and click on the box labeled Teen Titans theme.) This version is longer than the actual show theme song, but it only serves to reinforce how cool it is. Puffy AmiYumi is the BEST!
And then, there is this.
Ever since the Summer Olympics finished broadcasting on NBC a few weeks ago, I wanted to provide some web sites for upcoming host cities.
I thought it might be interesting. You don't agree? Then stop reading right now! Really! Stop now!
(I didn't think you would! HA!)
So, let's begin with the website for the International Olympic Committee, the official website of the Olympic Movement. It is fairly straightforward, no frills, nothing extraneous . . . kinda like the Olympic Experience, right?

Yeah, I don't believe that either.

Anyway . . . who is hosting the Winter Games in 2006? Why, it's Turin, Italy of course! Don't miss the chance to start purchasing your Turin 2006 merchandise now--before anyone else.

Everyone is aware of what is happening in 2008. In likely the biggest Olympic-related scandal since Atlanta, Georgia was ACTUALLY chosen to host the Olympics, Beijing gets its own time to shine. Their official site is located here. There probably won't be much on the site about herding the homeless into boxcars or forcing all Chinese citizens to clean windows and think positive thoughts, but you can help design the Beijing Olympic mascot. That is definitely an important job.

In 2010, the Winter Games are headed to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I've got nothing relevant to say about that other than the fact that I am sure the Canadians will be keeping a close eye on the figure skating judges.

In 2012, the IOC has not yet chosen the host city. There was some noise made about Columbus, Ohio making a bid. As ludicrous as that sounds, it . . . no, it's pretty ludicrous. It's even more improbable when you consider that the 800 pound gorilla is also making a bid.

That's right . . . America's quintecential city . . . the one that defines all of us . . . New York City is making a bid. HOW can NYC be turned down? Hey IOC, ever hear of a little thing called "9/11?" Ever heard of the "World Trade Center" or maybe, possibly "Ground Zero?"

Sure, Dubya has evaporated whatever global goodwill the good ole USA had after that horrible day, but DUDE, it's New York! It's Sinatra, the Yankees, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park! Its EVERYTHING IMPORTANT TO ANYONE!!

The NYC2012 website is slickly designed and shows how venues and stuff will be crammed into one of the most saturated urban areas in the world (click on the "Olympic X Plan" box and also the link to "Olympic Legacy"), but for me, I give the New Yorkers props for a good logo design. Combining the Statue of Liberty torch arm with a athlete's triumphantly raised arm is a great idea:

So . . . cool!

That's MORE than enough for tonight.

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