Monday, September 20, 2004

Have I fallen into her trap?

Only now, when it may be too late, do I realize my error.

Being a dutiful (and too trusting) friend, I blogged on my pedestrian lifestyle this weekend, straying from my bread and butter--the media links, the cultural thoughts, and my own unique stylings that make WWYG?! a must-read for approximately 10 people every few days!

But Lulu wanted more personal posts, so I agreed. Now, she puts her plan in motion and strikes with a graphic description of barnyard gore and rural eatin'!

Clearly her plan all along was to get me out of my bloggin' wheelhouse, have me flail around impotently trying to describe my boring life and then SHE would post fascinating tales of rooster slaughter! Of course! Everyone knows that true-to-life tales are always loved by Americans . . . how else to explain the unflagging popularity of Readers Digest?

And to add insult to injury, I COULD have found a way to blog on the Emmy awards! I COULD have added my own dismay to the travesty that is the Ms. America pageant. I COULD have provided insight on my experiences of reading the beginnings of House of Leaves.

Well done Lulu . . . a well-played gambit, but one that I foresaw too soon in your machinations!

Never fear, dear readers! I will strike back . . . and soon!

1 comment:

lulu said...

What can I say? I have a freakishly Republicanish Machiavellian streak in me. And YOU can't shake that whole Eve thing, can ya?

And are you suggesting that my fascinating stories are on the same level as those found in Reader's Digest? Step up, Burb, step up.