Thursday, April 30, 2020


I took two days off. And I can’t think of anything good to say. I want to keep blogging, but if there is nothing to say then why bother?

. . . 

The voice to text was not working either. So everything is against me. I came outside to sit on the front porch and get some fresh air. And it’s chilly and it’s not sunny and I’m tired of everything. Can you relate?

Hannah is working on schoolwork all the time--as often as I can force her to. (She’s got a project due tomorrow that I’ve been hounding her to complete for two weeks.) Sarah is working on her finals. Her semester ends next week. She’s tired and stressed out and can’t sleep. Grace is always up in a room working. Lynda is up in her room working. I’m downstairs at the table working. Life is just an endless series of home days, home days, home days. 

Will it ever warm up outside? 

Will THIS ever end? 

There’s got to be something to look forward to, 

But what?!


Today is the last day of the primary round of the #OfficialHat2020 voting. Starting tomorrow, there will only be two remaining #HatofSummer choices.

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