Friday, April 17, 2020


I hope that you successfully made it through another week of whatever it is that you are dealing with. 

Maybe today feels like every other day. 

Or maybe you are SO happy to be seeing a weekend?

However you are right now, I hope it is happy. And if so, I hope that you can hold onto that happiness through the next few days and heck, as long as possible. Why put limits on things?

But, oddly enough, I just realized . . . the point of this post is to introduce a limit of sorts. Something not tried before. Something new.

And yes, it's a #HatofSummer thing.

(If somehow, you are stumbling along to this blog for the very first time and you have no idea what the #HatofSummer is, I recommend that you do a few things. First, click the #HatofSummer label cloud over to the right of your screen--unless you're reading on Mobile--which . . . who are we kidding, you probably are. In that case, um . . . I don't know. Do you have a Twitter account? If so, you could search #HatofSummer and you'd likely pull up several tweets with my big fat face on them. Click through those and see what you can learn. Or, just follow the links below the video--after please watching the video, okay? I did spend about ten TOTAL minutes on it. But then follow the links below to the playlists to go back through the past. And if you do I'm confident you'll figure it all out.)

Okay--hopefully they are off getting oriented to everything. Now, for the Old Faithfuls out there, get ready for something that you might like or maybe you won't. But it's different.

Watch and act! GO VOTE!

Vote for your #HatofSummer choice here: Link to the Google Voting page

Hats of Summer 2020 playlist: Link to the 2020 #HatofSummer video playlist

Official Hats of Summer (full) playlist: Link to the full list of all #HatofSummer videos

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