Thursday, April 09, 2020


 It's another quick update today to remind you that the #OfficialHat2020 voting remains open now and will remain open through the rest of April and May--until Memorial Day weekend.

There are many unknowns for all of us in the coming weeks and even into the coming months. But one thing that you can be confident about is that the #HatofSummer will continue. This coronavirus may drive us into our homes. It may weaken our economy. It may expose the weakness of our president. It may change our priorities. 

What I will not let it do is derail the #HatofSummer. 

Luckily you can practice perfect social distancing every time you vote--as I have helpfully created an online voting platform. (If only the rest of the country was so considerate, right?)

And best of all, you can vote MULTIPLE TIMES!

Are you upset that the primaries are effectively on hold right now? Do you have a democracy itch that you just want to scratch? (Even though the #HatofSummer voting is more of a popularity contest than a strict democratic contest.) But it is still voting, voting, and lots of voting. PLEASE take some of your in-house sheltering time and spam that voting link with your hat preference. And then, when we are all back breathing fresh air again, you can take such pleasure in seeing me out on the town wearing the #OfficialHat2020.

So--do you remember what the hat choices are? If not, that's okay because I'm dropping the playlist of hat videos here: 

So . . . first--go and refresh your memories on the choices. Then follow this link ( to go and cast your vote many, many, many times.

Finally, here is a report on the first couple of weeks of voting so far. (If you don't like what you see, then go vote and make that number change!)

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