Thursday, April 23, 2020


If you have about an hour to yourself today, you could do so much worse than watch this excellent 1982 video of R.E.M. playing live in North Carolina. 

Oh boy . . .

Some thoughts:

1. If you can understand and decipher more than 30 percent of Stipe's lyrics, congratulations! There is something so wonderfully nostalgic about the Mumbles-era of R.E.M.

2. I very much love Michael's outfit of Greek t-shirt under suit coat with an unnecessarily floppy pocket square.

3. This is proof and a reminder that Michael has been dancing this way forever. It was not created for the Out of Time tour when people started paying attention to their videos on M-TV.

4. I miss Bill Berry's drumming.

5. A very random thought . . . but this makes me think that Robert Downey, Jr. could have performed Michael Stipe in a biopic.

6. Chronic Town is absolutely one of my Top 5--maybe Top 3 R.E.M. albums.

7. Thanks--among many OTHER reasons--to my brother Mike for introducing me to R.E.M. when he was fresh out of college student at Georgia Tech and I was starting high school.

8. Also thanks to Kevin Orr for pointing me in the direction of this wonderful video. I almost feel 20 again.

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