Wednesday, April 08, 2020


Maybe it's a coping mechanism, but I've been watching a lot of Buddy v. Duff cake competitions on Food Network.
In season 1, which I watched  On Demand, the show really played up the disagreement and personality differences between the two bakers. And I was fine with that since I prefer Duff's graffiti artist sensibilities and his cool. Buddy, on the other hand, is all NY/New Jersey bluster and braggadocio. He's not my cup of tea and his bigger-than-life cartoonish cakes didn't seem as striking as Duff's detailed and precise recreations.

In season 2, things are a bit different.

Duff is still making very detail-oriented cakes with lots of real-as-life elements. But he has also enlarged his scale to batch up with Buddy's normal output. And the show has done a better job of reinforcing the respect that must exist between these two professional artists. And I appreciate that aspect of the new show especially.

Still, I know its a scripted show with predetermined story beats. It's no surprise that even with a 3-1 win total this season, there is only a one point lead separating the two competing teams.

It's not important. But its fun to watch.

What sort of TV are you watching to keep your mind off of the problems of the world?

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