Monday, April 27, 2020


Good God. It's been almost fifty days.
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First things first tonight. As you may know we've been fostering a mother cat and her four kittens during this shelter-at-home time. I've posted videos about them as they have grown. And I'm doing it again today. Not because I need filler content, but because I need you to see how cute these cats are so that you will fall in love with them.


I need you to fall in love with these kittens (and someone needs to take the Momma cat as well) because they are getting old enough to live on their own. And I CANNOT be a household with five cats in it. So people who love pets and want pets and cannot stand the cuteness of these pets need to let me know. (And obviously, this only truly counts for local Columbus-area people. I can't be driving several states to deliver a cat. I can't even be bothered to drive to the Wendys two miles from my house, no matter how badly I want to eat a Frosty. So, yeah . . . locals only please.)


In other, equally important news, the primary cut off point for the #HatofSummer approaches at the end of this month (that is this Thursday, so that is only a few days away). This means that starting on Friday, May 1--THIS FRIDAY--the potential choices for #OfficialHat2020 is permanently cut to only TWO CHOICES.

So, if you have opinions, you NEED to act.

Here are the results as of Monday evening:

Go here to keep casting your votes:

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