Saturday, April 11, 2020


If you have been a regular reader of this blog over its almost sixteen-year run, you know that I frequently talk about my preference for routine. I'm a middle-aged man living in the suburbs, with growing kids and a job. My life is eminently predictable. And I've liked it that way. Predictability is security.
But I've gotta say that when we are let loose from this shelter-in-place quarantine, I may bit down really hard on my promised mid-life crisis and get a bit nuts. I'll bungee jump off a dam with my hair on fire. Because . . . well, BECAUSE! I've known people that skydived for reasons.

So--how can I break myself out of a full month (and more to come!) of routine and rut? How will I be different because of this experience and what will I do to cement its lessons into the rest of my life?

(If you've got suggestions, why not leave me a comment?)

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