Thursday, January 12, 2006

WWY_____? update

Jack T. was the only voter in this quickly conceived (and just as quickly abandoned) project.

I just wanted to let you know why you couldn't find the pictures if you read this post and then wondered "Wha Happened?"


David said...

To be fair and not come down on people too hard, I didn't realize when I created the idea that you would have to register yourself to comment on Flickr.

So, mea (partially) culpa.

David said...

As to the "winning" topic (the interstate highway system as it figures in my Masters thesis) . . . I've got plans to how to tackle that topic in detail that I am working on.

It's a long term project, but I can have something that Jack can read in the near future.

The rest of you can feel free to ignore the whole thing.