Saturday, January 28, 2006

Saturdazed (now updated!)

Man, I am tired.

I helped a friend move today and though it didn't take a long time and I didn't have to do a lot of it myself, when I got home my tiredness hit me really hard.

I guess it is an inescapable fact that I am out of shape, try as I might to deny it.

But, you couldn't ask for better weather in late January--mid 50s, bright and sunny. If all the trees didn't look like dead sticks, you might think it was early Spring.

So now I'm home with Grace while Lynda and Sarah are at a birthday party.

The laundry is laying downstairs in great piles, just laughing at me. It's daring me to ignore it!



I didn't/haven't done any laundry yet.

Instead Grace and I went into the backyard where I swung her on the swingset for what seemed like twenty minutes of straight pushing. It doesn't exactly qualify as a workout, but it might be the best I get today. I pushed her so long, it began to feel like she and the swing were stationary and I was the one oscillating back and forth, back and forth.

While we "swang" we had a good talk, as only two year olds can. Imagine a constant stream of statements and questions that always have to be acknowledged or answered lest you hear the same identical thing five times in a row.

But it was good because we talked a lot about what she wanted for her next birthday party. She informed me that she wanted a blueberry cake with either white or chocolate icing. The food that is to be served at the party include soup (not sure what type), cheese sandwiches, gummies for a snack and water to drink. The games to be played and the decorations all seem to be centered around the color pink and the word princess.

Yep . . . sounds like my daughter.

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