Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Do they call the Pope's staff a "Jesus stick" behind his back?

I was going to talk about LOST, but I just don't have a lot to say.
I liked the episode; I liked that they introduced the Monster Cloud again (Boy, DID they!).
But the coincidences are piling up higher and higher on this island. If the writers don't have a carefully thought out way out of this, people will NEVER be happy.
Ultimately, that is the only end result of this show. You won't satisfy people with an attempt at explanation.
So, they are doomed. But, its a fun show anyway.
Other than that, I've got nothing else to say about it I guess.

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Marcia said...

That cartoon is awesome!

I always have people ask me about things, and I'm like, didn't you read my blog? I thought you knew all this.