Monday, January 16, 2006

"Working" @ home

Today, I'm sitting here at home by myself.

It's MLK, Jr. day and we don't have to work; I say don't have to, because Lynda is working today, as are some of my other coworkers who have more to accomplish than I think I do.

The daycare is open today, so the girls are there. I am finishing up some coffee and trying to get my mind in that particular place that allows me to get some work done while at the house.

As I told Lynda last night, I simply can't work properly at home. Ever since I decided to abandon the rest of graduate school and get a "regular job," I've tried to keep as much separation between home and work as possible. Naturally, there are times and projects that have forced the two to blur (sometimes meld) but if I can get away with leaving it at the office, that is the way I'm always going to go.

Heck, They aren't paying overtime, right?

However, I did bring a smallish bit of work home with me for the three-day weekend and now I have got to try and convince myself that getting started on it is the best thing to do with the rest of my morning. The problem is, there are so many other things that are pleasingly diverting.

That is why I can't work at home--I don't have the mental/physical willpower to force myself to choose that unpalatable idea.

Right now, I can catalog several other things that would be much more fun to do. Such as:

1. Go to the library, buy another cup of coffee, sit down and browse through a book that I pick up off the shelf. (I never enjoy the library as much as I should. When I'm there with the kids, its more of an operation--keeping them behaved, picking through the mountains of children's books that I don't remember, wondering if this one or that one will be interesting.)

2. Read some more of the Lileks archives. Yep, I've decided to tackle Mr. Lileks from the beginning (which is to say, beginning in February 1997). Given that he writes something every weekday, I've got some speed reading to do or I might never catch up and he'll always be doppler-shifting away from me in the distance. But, he is an undeniably good writer, tells interesting stories, and can probably help me figure out how to best tackle the art of blogging. (Or maybe I'll just copy/plagiarize him.)
He certainly has led an interesting and varied life, one that I hope will become clearer as I sift through the years to see how he arrived at his current state of media giant. It seems that even in 1997, he was well-connected.
But, back to other interesting things to do . . .

3. I could watch some of the LOST DVD, maybe catch a commentary or two.

4. I could think about where I'll take Lynda for lunch today.

5. Naturally, there is always laundry to fold and folded laundry to put away. I could change the sheets on the beds, or I could begin my threat of throwing away nick-nacks and other detrius.

As you can see, even housework is more appealing than work. I DEFINITELY need the structure of the office to make me focus. I'll be back to that cubicle soon enough. Anything I get done between now and then will be seen as a bonus.

Maybe I'll reward myself for this determination by watching some LOST! :)

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