Wednesday, January 11, 2006

PiMPing the TV

While waiting for coffee to brew the other day, one of my managers said to me "So, how's the TV watching coming?"

Caught a bit off guard by that, I asked him for some clarification. It probably sounded something like "Wha . . huh?"

He said, "Well, I hear that's all you do; watch TV."

Folks, this is the guy that does my PERFORMANCE REVIEWS every year and now he's got me pegged as a no-account TV watchin' boob. Not good times.

(Also . . . apropos of nothing but my instant desire to justify myself . . . he admitted that when he was sick recently, he realized that he couldn't get HBO On-Demand for his bedroom TV and quickly called the cable guy to install it while he was laid up in bed for several days.)

But, back to my problem.

Do I watch too much TV? I'm guessing every one of you reading this will say, "Well, hell yeah!"

So, let's break it down:

Monday--The only thing worth watching on Monday's was "Arrested Development" and its not long for this world. While I have been known to sit down and watch some of Monday Night Football, I don't care enough to make this a important thing. I used to watch "American Chopper" on this night, but that seems to have been a phase that has run its course.

Tuesday--Currently, the only thing going on here is "Scrubs" which might be on Thursday next month or gone completely. Most Tuesdays I am driving to and from our bible study group. I hear that "Bones" is good, but haven't made an effort.

Wednesday--Naturally, "LOST" is big on this night. Similarly, when "Alias" isn't on hiatus, I watch it on Wednesdays. So, here is the first truly multiple show night.

Thursday--I used to religiously watch "CSI" on this night, but for whatever reason, I've let that slip this year. I still like the show but haven't been going out of my way to watch it. In my viewing area, this is the night that "Smallville"is on, which is what I focus on.

Friday--Here is "Battlestar Galactica" night. But, its one of those shows that has four months of episodes and then goes on a hiatus for six months.

Saturday--nothing permanent

Sunday--Getting kids to bed has (seemingly) permanently damaged my ability to watch "The Simpsons." I have slowly given up my interest in "Desperate Housewives." So, there isn't much here that I consistently catch.

So, what do we see here? I have a steady cycle of shows that I try my best to keep up with, about one per night. That doesn't seem abnormal or excessive.

The point, however, is that I KNOW a heckuva lot ABOUT TV. I read about it on the web and in magazines. I certainly don't watch it all, nor have I ever. I do TALK about it a lot, because it is a point of commonality among many kinds of people--much as sports serves a similar function.

But, do I turn the TV off when these shows aren't on? Well, no, I admit I don't. I surf around a lot (and I occasionally stay up to watch "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report"). But more often than not . . . if I am not watching a designated series mentioned above, I settle on the Food Network.

I find it both entertaining AND educational. I have learned some valuable cooking tips from those shows that has made me a more confident cook and my wife at least appreciates that.

Basically, I think the perception of my TV obsession is slightly overblown (with my admitted participation in that at times). I don't think I'm that bad, honestly. I am generally aware of the TV choices and I think I am fairly judicious in my choices.

And if you don't like it, well . . . at least YOU are completing my performance reviews.


Sven Golly said...

"Well, hell yeah!"

Now that that's out of the way, here comes another cheap shot.

Methinks he doth protest too much.

Tasharoo said...

Here are the shows I watch, in order from Sun-Sat.

Desperate Housewives
Boston Legal
CSI:Las Vegas (only)
Without A Trace

Then you throw in the occassional reality shows... Survivor, The Amazing Race, Mole(I wish they would have that again!) The Biggest Loser

With 2 kids and an hubby, I record ALOT of shows and watch them after they go to bed.

Nice blog, no matter what anyone says!