Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I tried to wait . . . I really did, but I thought this was cool and just had to put it in this afternoon.

My blog is worth $2,822.70.
How much is your blog worth?


David said...

Dude, I just wanted to know what I was worth in one corner of the blog-o-verse.

I mightbe worth a cool three grand, but who would buy?

Anyway, I think part of the valuation formula is a calculation of all those annoying links--so as usual, net worth rises as you become more of a corporate tool.

Speaking of tools and shameless self-promotion . . . I just created my own special WWYG?! badge (those little logo boxes on the right). So, whenever I do break through into the ultrabigtime I'll be ready for other sites to pledge their allegiance to my dominance!

lulu said...

Well, mine is worth the same as Flip's--a measly $564.00. This MUST be a function of links--what IS all that crap to the right of your actual entries, Burb?

Still, I'm sticking with my drastically undervalued blog, AS IS. Unaltered; true to my vision.

David said...

Again, I don't want to be peevish . . . but are the accusations that I have "sold out" coming?

I would, predictably, do this, since my ethical compass is weaker.

Oh well.

Anonymous said...

I went and put in some of the big blogs--Daily Kos came out at $5 million plus, Powerline was about $2 million. But Drudgereport came out at $0. So it can't just be link count, because all Drudge does is link to stories. It can't be sheer number of hits, because while Kos is the single biggest blog in terms of hits, Drudge dwarfs it. So I think it may be somehow related to comments posted--as Drudge never posts others comments and rarely posts any of his own. It's the only thing I can think of to explain the disparity.
And it makes a kind of sense. It would be measuring a blog in terms of the amount of conversation and interaction it generates.

flipper said...

At least we now know what it takes to get Dr. Actually to post a comment--an opportunity to mention the heinous Drudge Report in print. (Matt Drudge--cough--closet case--cough cough.)