Monday, October 10, 2005

Fighting back the ennui

So, what's my problem? Why don't I have the blogging juice?

I wish I knew, because it is clearly a sign of my mental and moral bankruptcy that I can't think of anything worth talking about. Or maybe I've been spending my time on less than interesting pursuits? Whatever it is, I am sure it reflects badly on me, because, well, that's just the way it's supposed to be right?

No! Must fight back the sense of worthlessness! Must reach for the good.

So, why don't I provide some information about random photos?

Okay, here we go:

This is what happens when sanitation workers have too much time on their hands. Should I consume more to generate more garbage and therefore eat up their spare time? Nah. But I admit that it was the most interesting sight I have experienced with trashcans in a while. And look at Ruth. She is certainly perplexed and must be wondering how to deal with this odd monolith. Sorry, baby but the secrets of evolutionary success are not to be found here. (And yes, the workers did this up and down the street.)

On a recent trip to the zoo, Ariel enjoyed feeding the lorikeets in the Australia exhibit. Ruth was a bit freaked out, as she often is with animals, but it was wholesome family fun for everyone.

Ariel has shown some desire to play with our camera. This is probably one of her most artistic shots. She doesn't know that it's art and maybe I am imposing my own opinion here, but I like it.

Over the weekend I helped Tegan by cleaning out her spring/summer pocketbook and transferring stuff into her fall/winter pocket book. Here is photographic evidence of the junk that women (my wife at least) shleps around with her. You can see, clockwise from left corner: 1) various pieces of trash--several pieces, 2) pieces of paper that are not trash either because they have notes written on them or are official-looking papers that I don't want to get in trouble by throwing them away, 3) medicines and cosmetics that include a. anti-inflammation medicine for T.'s wrist b. chapstick c. lipstick d. hotel bottle of lotion and e. hotel shampoo, 4) kindergarten brochure and hairbrush, 5) one (and only one) stocking, 6) wallet, 7) straw from Wendy's, 8) seven ink pens--none of which can ever be found when you need a pen, and 9) two nametags--one corporate tag for some company conference (cracked) and one from church.

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