Sunday, October 16, 2005

Lowdown on Lulu's party

Lulu threw a Fall Party extravaganza at her place yesterday.

For photos that I took of the event, you can go here and see some nice pictures. (Choose the photoset on the left side titled "Fall Party."

I had a great time and so did the girls. We left Tegan at home and went apple picking at a local orchard for about an hour with Lulu, Stevie, some of Lulu's friends and kids. Jack T. and Cordelia and VG and Raisinette also got some apples as well.

Once we got back to Lulu's place, we made some caramel apples and waited around for the football game to end and for the 100 or so more people to show up. They did and they all brought great food with them. It was a very beautiful day, with a slight autumn chill in the air and a stiff Ohio breeze to mess up your hair. Everyone sat around on the porch or wandered here and there eating, talking, drinking, and most of all relaxing.

Probably the best thing for me was when Tegan decided to show up. She got some work done at home without the kids to distract her and so felt like she had earned a break. It was too nice of a day for anyone to be inside too long and certainly too nice to be spending your inside time working at a computer.

As the sun went down we gathered around a nice fire and warmed ourselves up. Some guitar playing occurred, as well as some singing. (You can listen to the singing with the audio post below.)

Thanks Lulu for providing a great time!

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Anonymous said...

you're it!

check my blog if you wanna play.

glad to hear you all had fun at lulu's. wish i could've been there but school hasn't stopped beating the crap out of me since i got here. take care. peace