Thursday, October 20, 2005

Don't Press the Button, Lulu! The Button is Bad


David said...

I tried REALLY hard to find a .gif image that showed a keyboard button with EXECUTE on it.

Surprisingly, Google could not help me.

Come on all you LOST fans out there, shouldn't someone have taken care of that by now?

David said...

If you don't know, Lulu is one of my blogging friends.

She's not a LOST fan (which I try not to hold against her), hence the warning in the post's title.

David said...
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David said...

You can, of course, discover other amazing thingsif you continue to push buttons.

(Please try this one, but plug in your headphones if you are in a public place.)

Hopefully this link won't disappear like the last one I tried to include.

lulu said...

I pushed it.

Foul temptress!

And it's not that I'm not a fan in the sense that I've watched it and was not impressed. I've just never watched it. Given its popularity among my intelligent friends, I'm guessing it's good. However, I won't bore you with my TV habits (football and, now, the World Series, too) if you don't bore me with yours.

Thank you.